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How much do you know about koalas?


Read the questions and choose yes or no.


1. A koala is a bear.    yes    no
2. Koala is an Aboriginal word. It means 'no drink.'    yes    no
3. Koalas only eat leaves from gum trees.    yes    no
4. Koalas sleep during the day..    yes    no
5. Female koalas carry their babies in a pouch.    yes    no
6. Females carry older babies on their back.    yes    no
7. A baby koala is called a joey.    yes    no
8. Koalas are usually grey or brown.    yes    no
9. Koalas cannot swim.    yes    no
10. Many people have koalas as pets.    yes    no

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Correct answers:

Now read about koalas.

Koalas live for around 15 years. They live in the eastern and southern parts of Australia.

They are fussy eaters. They only eat eucalyptus leaves (gum leaves). There are hundreds of different kinds of eucalyptus (gum) trees, but koalas will only eat 12 different kinds.

They appear to be very lazy because they sleep all day. They are usually awake at night. Surprisingly, they are very fast runners and good swimmers!

Baby koalas stay in their mother's pouch until they are 5 months old. After that they leave the pouch, but they come back to rest and drink milk. When they are 7 months old they start to ride on their mother's back. They put their head into the pouch sometimes to have a drink! They become independent when they are around 12 months old.


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