Vacation English Course




Listen to each question. Choose the best answer.




What is the correct answer to the question,

'How are you?'

The question means - tell me something about yourself. So you can say,

1. I'm well. Thank you. How are you?

2. you can tell the other person something that you've been doing recently ... a conversation starter.

1. A: How are you?
B: I'm well. Thank you. How are you?
A: I'm well.

2. A: How are you?
B: We went to a farm today. We saw sheep. They were taking the wool off. What do you call that?
A: Ah. Sheep shearing. Did you enjoy that?
B: The smell wasn't good, but I tried to shear a sheep. It was fun.
A: I remember when I was young, my father used to ...