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19 December 2002
Voting Begins in South Korea

You will hear a story about voting in South Korea. Listen to the story and answer the questions below.

1. How many Koreans will vote?

2. How many Koreans are eligible to vote?

3. How many main candidates are there?

4. Which relations are strained?

5. What two things are changing rapidly?


Listen again and put in the missing words.

Around 28 million of the 35 million eligible Koreans will vote for a new president today. There are two main candidates, Roh Moo Hyun, from the Millenium Democratic Party and Lee Hoi Chang Grand National Party. Results of polling around 9pm today.

The election result is critical for Korea countries in the region. Relations with North Korea in particular are strained at the moment amid the rapidly changing international security and economic environment. One of the first jobs for the new president the growing international tension over North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program.


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