ateries = blood vessels
consequent =
later / related
triggers = causes
chores =
household jobs
monitored =
scored = rated
hostility = anger
scans = like x-rays
novel =
unusual / new
snapshot = moment in time

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Arguments Lead to Heart Attacks

A team of psychologists in the US has found that people who get angry when they discuss things with their partner are more likely experience hardening of the arteries and consequent attacks.

The psychologists in Utah studied 150 retired couples and asked them to pick topic which caused disagreements. Some common triggers money, chores and in-laws. Discussions on these were monitored and analysed and scored for hostility. couples had scans to measure hardening of arteries. High levels of hardening were found cases where both husband and wife had hostile in the discussions.

One of the of the study, Professor Tim Smith, said, “What’s about this study is taking a snapshot how couples talk to each other and that to a silent, progressive and potentially disease.”