congestion = crowding / not moving freely
propose =
rates = money people pay to the local government for services such as rubbish collection and roads
levy =
like a tax
scheme =
alienating effect = making people feel alone and isolated
bumping into = accidentally meeting a friend or person you know
ease =

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Free Public Transport

You will hear a story about a proposal for public transport in Melbourne, Australia. Listen and answer the questions below.

1. According to politicians what is the advantage of having free pubilc transport?

2. Is it a new idea or an old idea?

3. What is the purpose of the proposed levy?

4. According to Frank Fisher, what is one disadvantage of cars?

5. According to Fisher, what is an advantage of public transport?

6. According to Fisher, what is an advantage of stations being busier?

7. Does anyone oppose the proposal?

8. What two arguments are put forward agains free public transport?