congestion = crowding / not moving freely
propose =
rates = money people pay to the local government for services such as rubbish collection and roads
levy =
like a tax
scheme =
alienating effect = making people feel alone and isolated
bumping into = accidentally meeting a friend or person you know
ease =

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Free Public Transport

The transport system is a growing problem in many large cities. Politicians in Melbourne are discussing the idea free public transport as a means to road congestion. The idea has been supported a number of politicians over a period many years. Some propose a $100 to $200 levy for all households to pay for scheme.

Associate professor Frank Fisher from the Monash Centre believes that private cars have alienating effect while public transport is a social phenomenon which leads to ‘people bumping into each other.’ argues that railway stations would be safer that graffiti and vandalism would be reduced stations were busier places.

Critics of the argue that free public transport wouldn’t ease congestion significantly and would lead to overcrowding buses, trams and trains.