veteran = a person with long experience in an activity
as do=
like / so do
ear buds = small earphones
drown out =
disguise / to hear above the noise
capped =
maximum amount
dB = decibels / measure of sound volume
overridden = made louder
duration =
length of time

News (Advanced)

Music Linked to Hearing Loss

You will hear a story about hearing loss in people listening to music. Read the questions below and then listen to the story.

1. What percentage of classical musicians have hearing problems?

2. What causes hearing problems in musicians?

3. What do thousands of people do on trains and buses every day that may cause hearing problems?

4. Who is being sued by an iPod user?

5. What two things are experts warning people to do?

6. There are three early signs of hearing loss. Name one of them.