veteran = a person with long experience in an activity
as do=
like / so do
ear buds = small earphones
drown out =
disguise / to hear above the noise
capped =
maximum amount
dB = decibels / measure of sound volume
overridden = made louder
duration =
length of time

News (Advanced)

Music Linked to Hearing Loss

Veteran rock musicians like Sting, Neil Young and Phil Collins all have hearing problems as do over 30 percent of classical musicians. The cause is not loud music, but rather, years (4 words).

There are now fears for the ‘iPod generation.’ Thousands of people on trains and buses every day wear ear buds and have the volume turned up to drown out (2 words).

In France sound and pressure levels are capped at 100dB. In Australia, they are capped, but the cap can be overridden. In the US Apple is being sued by an iPod user (3 words).

Experts are warning people to reduce the volume and duration of earphone use. People are being warned to look for (5 words) such as; ringing in the ears, loss of high frequency sounds and trouble hearing conversations (4 words). People with these early signs are advised to (4 words).