1.renovate = make new
2. lacks vision =
is unimaginative / doesn't look into the future
3. tidal =
4. conservation measures = teaching people to use less
5. consumption =

News (Upper Intermediate)

Canada's Energy Problem

Canada needs more energy, but politicians can’t agree on how to provide it. One idea is to renovate Canada’s aging nuclear reactors. Some say this idea lacks vision. One critic said a nuclear reactor is ‘a slow burning nuclear bomb that boils water.’

In 1997 seven of the oldest reactors were shut down because of safety concerns and poor performance. This is the largest shut down of reactors anywhere in the world.

One area of the country is planning to draw 33 percent of energy from renewable resources by 2016. They are looking at wind and tidal power.

Some people argue that conservation measures and energy efficient technologies are the best approach. They argue it is better to reduce energy consumption than to create more.

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