1. Study in short sessions. You concentrate better if you take regular breaks.

2. Review your work often. When you learn something new, review it the same day and then again the next day.

3. It is normal for the brain to forget things. Don't be too tough on your self. Accept that you will make mistakes!

4. Set 2 kinds of goals. Set long term goals and short term goals. Your long term goals are what you want to achieve in 1 year or 5 years. Your short term goals are what you want to achieve today, tomorrow, this month.
Make your short term goals easy to achieve.








1. Look at the text for a few seconds and then look away. Ask yourself what the text was about. When you have some ideas read the text.
2. When you finish reading, ask yourself again what it was about. Imagine that you are telling a friend ... tell them the main ideas of the story (You can do this in your head, or you can write it down. Try to do it in English, but if you are tired do it in your own language.)

1. Don't worry if you don't understand something the first time. Listen again.

1. When you use this site, read the text aloud while you listen. Try to keep up with the speaker. This will help you to make the sounds in English and it will help you to practise the way that words run together.
2. Speak into a recorder and summarise the story you were listening to/reading.

1. Write a summary of some of the work you did today. When you write a summary, don't look at the material, do it from memory! Imagine that you are telling a friend about it.
2. Keep a diary. Write in your diary every day for about 10 minutes. Don't worry if you make mistakes. Don't worry if you only write one sentence! If you write every day, your writing WILL get better!
3. Find an email pen-pal.

1. Keep a vocabulary book. Write down any new vocabulary. Some people like to keep a book with a page for A, a page for B, a page for C and so on. Other people prefer to keep cards and file the cards into alphabetical order. You need to find a system that works for you.

1. If you are reading and you see some grammar you don't understand, decide if you are interested in finding out why. If you want to know, write it down and try to find the answer. If you have no idea and you think it is too difficult for now, then don't worry about it. Maybe you will be more interested in that problem in a couple of weeks or months!

15 minutes of study every day is the best way to learn English.


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