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Melinda Gleeson

Time4English began twelve years ago and the site reflects my students' needs over the years.

As well as lots of listening, you'll find material on the Academic Word List and on academic referencing.

Please note: all of the listening and most of the quizzes on this site are Flash-based. Unfortunately these important aspects of the site won't work with ipads.

Listen to a selection of short news stories. Do the activities while you read and listen.






Free Public Transport
The transport system is a growing problem in many large cities...
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Arguments Lead to Heart Attacks
A team of psychologists in the US has found that people who get angry when they discuss things with their partner are more likely to experience hardening of the arteries and consequent heart attacks...
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Music Linked to Hearing Loss
Veteran rock musicians like Sting, Neil Young and Phil Collins all have hearing problems as do over 30 percent of classical musicians. The cause is not loud music ...
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Botched Surgery
We’ve all heard of cases where surgeons have operated on the wrong leg or the wrong part of the patient ...
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Odd Spots
Odd spots are short, silly stories. The strange thing is they are all true!








A German woman in Darmstadt found a wallet containing €1000. She refused to give it back to the owner unless she was given a €120 reward. She got the reward, but the pensioner who owned it tipped off the police and the woman was arrested. Police said: "It was a bit stupid. She could have just kept the wallet."

tipped off - told

Volunteers were cleaning rubbish from the top of Britain's highest mountain when they found a piano. They are puzzled as to how the instrument could have ended up at the top of the Scottish mountain. The only clue is a biscuit wrapper they found in the piano with a use-by date of December 1986.

puzzled = don't know how
as to  = about
instrument = piano
ended up at = got to


German police are stunned by the theft of an entire roller-coaster. The 18-tonne Big Dipper was stolen from a truck that was stopped in a car park in Bischofsheim on its way to a fun fair.

stunned - very surprised
Big Dipper - name of a kind of roller-coaster

Six-year-old Maximiliano Arellano, from Mexico City, has been studying medicine on his own at home. He has apparently become an expert on osteoporosis, diabetes and anaemia. The family of the child prodigy is trying to get a court order to enable him to enrol at university.

Maximiliano Arellano = boy's name
on his own = alone / by himself
prodigy = child genius / child who is many years ahead of other children his/her age
enable = allow


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