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The Academic Word List Sublist 9, Group 5

bold = a common form of the word
xxx = no form, or there is a form, but it is rare
grey = a form that is not very common


duration (n)
durability (n)

xxx (v)

durable (adj)

xxx (adv)


erosion (n)

erode (v)

eroded (adj)

xxx (adv)


ethic (n)

xxx (v)

ethical (adj)
unethical (adj)

ethically (adv)
unethically (adv)


format (n)

format (v)
reformat (v)

formatted (adj)
unformatted (adj)

formattable (adv)
unformattable (adv)


foundation (n)

found (v)

well-founded (adj)
unfounded (adj)

xxx (adv)

Choose the appropriate word for the gap.

1. This is the best kind of wood for outdoor furniture because it is . It will last years.

2. Soil is a major problem when we start destroying forests.

3. You can sell products more quickly if you don't tell the truth about them, but it is .

4. My computer is riddled with viruses and needs to be .

5. Our business is on the belief that making money and living well shouldn't harm the environment.

Choose the appropriate word for the gap.

6. The for the new building will be laid on Wednesday.

7. What does the project need to be in? Does it have to be an essay?

8. What's the of the video clip? We're not allowed to include anything over 1 minute in our presentation.

9. Their friendship over a period of time.

10. His business won't win him any friends. You have to be honest in business.