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The Academic Word List Sublist 6, Group 7

bold = a common form of the word
grey = a form that is not so common, but you will hear and see it
xxx = no form, or there is a form, but it is rare








incident (n)
incidence (n)

xxx (v)

incidental (adj)

incidentally (adv)


incorporation (n)

incorporate (v)

xxx (adj)

xxx (adv)


index (n)
indexation (n)

index (v)

xxx (adj)

xxx ( adv)


inhibition (n)

inhibit (v)

inhibited (adj)
uninhibited (adj)

xxx (adv)


initiative (n)
initiation (n)

initiate (v)

uninitiated (adj)

xxx (adv)

Choose the appropriate word for the gap.

1. The occurred at 4:48 pm.

2. There is a higher of road rage than there was in the past.

3. I like the colour scheme, but do you think you could a little more red?

4. The company was on June 3rd, 1982.

5. I can never find anything. I need a new system.

6. is a system of economic control that reduces the likelihood of inflation.

7. Many people feel around strangers.

8. She has many due to her difficult childhood.

9. Steven showed a lot of when he identified and solved all of the problems on his own.

10. When I have a problem with my email, I have to go to the helpdesk and an online request for help.