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The Academic Word List Sublist 6, Group 11

bold = a common form of the word
grey = a form that is not so common, but you will hear and see it
xxx = no form, or there is a form, but it is rare








recovery (n)

recover (v)

xxx (adj)

xxx (adv)


revelation (n)

reveal (v)

revealing (adj)

xxx (adv)


scope (n)

scope (v)

xxx (adj)

xxx ( adv)


subsidy (n)
subsidisation (n)

subsidise (v)

xxx (adj)

xxx (adv)


tape (n)

tape (v)

taped (adj)

xxx (adv)

Choose the appropriate word for the gap.

1. I lost my suitcase when I was travelling to Turkey. It was in Amsterdam.

2. She was very sick, but she's made a bit of a since changing her diet.

3. It was a shock when the Minister that she had been lying to the people.

4. He prefers to the truth bit by bit.

5. The project has the to make a real difference in the community.

6. What's the of the Finance Minister's power?

7. My accommodation is heavily by my employer.

8. My employer gets a training to employ me. I may lose my job when the subsidy stops.

9. Did you the show last night?

10. The IELTS interview is .