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The Academic Word List Sublist 3, Group 12

bold = a common form of the word
xxx = no form, or there is a form, but it is rare
grey = a form that is not very common


technicality (n)
technician (n)

xxx (v)

technical (adj)
untechnical (adj)
non-technical (adj)

technically (adv)


technique (n)

xxx (v)

xxx (adj)

xxx (adv)


technology (n)

xxx (v)

technological (adj)

technologically (adv)


validity (n)

validate (v)
invalidate (v)

valid (adj)
invalid (adj)

validly (adv)


volume (n)

volumise (v)

voluminous (adj)

voluminously (adv)

Choose the appropriate word for the gap.

1. She escaped a prison sentence because of a legal .

2. I've got a sore neck. Do you know any massage or exercise that could help?

3. I could never learn to use a computer. I'm just not very -minded.

4. The travel documents are because they haven't been stamped by the embassy.

5. The reasons for not travelling to Tunisia at the moment are . You really shouldn't go right now.

Choose the appropriate word for the gap.

6. It is hard to keep up with new . It's changing every day.

7. My passport is until 2018.

8. The plane was delayed due to a problem.

9. Marion has a great for fixing the printer. She's the only one who can do it.

10. The of applications for the new job is enormous.