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The Academic Word List Sublist 1, Group 7

bold = a common form of the word
xxx = no form, or there is a form, but it is rare
grey = a form that is not very common








indication (n)
indicator (n)

indicate (v)

indicative (adj)

xxx (adv)


individual (n)

individualise (v)

individuality (adj)

individually (adv)


interpretation (n)
misinterpretation (n)

interpret (v)
misinterpret (v)

interprative (adj)

xxx (adv)


involvement (n)

involve (v)

involved (adj)
uninvolved (adj)

xxx (adv)


issue (n)
non-issue (n)
issuer (n)

issue (v)

xxx (adj)

xxx (adv)

Choose the appropriate word for the gap.

1. Please if you are planning to drop your course.

2. The left on my car is broken.

3. We often work together on group research, but we have to write our essays .

4. is fairly unusual. Most of us prefer to follow or belong to a group.

5. Part of the reason we need lawyers is that the law is sometimes open to .

6. I don't understand Russian. Can anyone for me?

7. She's with the football club.

8. Alice's with the wrong group of people led to her drug-taking habit.

9. The authority me with a new ID card.

10. I wouldn't worry about the increased value of the American dollar. It's a bit of a issue for us.