Upper Intermediate Stories

What would you do if you were taken hostage?
n some countries hostage situations are very rare. Sadly in other countries they are on the increase. they are politically motivated. Sometimes money is the motivation sometimes the motive is irrational and emotional.

We never when we may find ourselves in this situation even a relatively ‘safe’ country.

Some companies specialise in giving advice on how to in emergency situations like hostage incidents. Here is some their advice.

  • One thing you should not do is try to . Leave that to the professionals.
  • The greatest danger is at the beginning. There will be noise and confusion. The takers may be trying to scare you or they may be out of control. You should do exactly what they tell you to do. Try to quiet and inconspicuous.
  • Don’t try to escape. If you fail the hostage-takers will be angry at you. If you succeed you may further endanger hostages.
  • Don’t offer opinions. If they speak to you, make eye contact.
  • Remember that there is a of people on the outside which is trying to negotiate to help you.
  • Take note of everything that happens. the police will want as much information as you can give them.