Intermediate Stories

Listen to the conversation about superman. Put in the missing words. (sound is on the left)

Jane: So you think you are an expert on Superman?
Tom: Indeed, I .
Jane: Okay, try this quiz.
1. When was the superman comic issued?
Tom: Too easy! 1 June 1938.
Jane: 2. was Lex Luthor introduced into the story?
Tom: 1940.
Jane: 3. When was kryptonite first introduced?
Tom: These are easy, you know? 1940.
Jane: 4. When did he appear on TV?
Tom: In 1941, 17 TV cartoons made and aired.
Jane: Hmmm. How do you all this?
5. When did his cousin Supergirl appear?
Tom: 1959.
Jane: 6. When was Superman's grandfather born?
Tom: Hmm. have no idea. When?
Jane: I don't know. I made it up to catch you out!