Lower Intermediate Stories

Company Uniforms
Jess: Is that a uniform Jack? I saw another guy wearing a tie just like that a few minutes ago.
Jack: Yes, the bank has a new policy. We all have to wear either white or blue shirts and we have to wear this tie. Our suit has to be dark blue or dark grey.

Jess: Wow! It must be expensive to buy a new suit.
Jack: Yes, I guess it is, but most of us wore blue or grey suits anyway. So the tie is the only real change.
Jess: It’s a nice tie. I like the colour. What do the women have to wear?
Jack: I’m not sure exactly. I think it’s a dark blue skirt and jacket with a company blouse. The blouse has the same colours as the tie.

Jess: It sounds very conservative.
Jack: Yes, I guess it is, but I don’t mind.

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