Lower Intermediate Stories

Are You Stressed
Do the Stress Test.
Read the questions and answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

1. Have you had a good long holiday in the last two years?
2. Do you spend half an hour by yourself every day with no interruptions?
3. Did you laugh long and hard this week?

4. Do you often feel really relaxed?
5. Do you exercise regularly?
6. Do you sleep well at night?
7. Do you love your work?
8. Do you eat fruit and vegetables every day?
9. Are you healthy?
10. Are you happy?
11. Do you often feel depressed?
12. Do you ever feel out of control?
13. Do you yell, scream or lose your temper?
14. Do you often feel tired?
15. Is it hard to get out of bed in the morning?

Questions 1 – 10
0 points for every ‘no’
2 points for every ‘yes’
Questions 11 - 15
0 points for every ‘yes’
2 points for every ‘no’

If you scored close to 30 then you are doing really well. You are feeling little stress in your life.
If you scored close to 0 then you need to find ways of relaxing and enjoying yourself more.

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