Lower Intermediate Stories

The Northern Lights
ould you like to see the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights? The Aurora Borealis has been described as the most spectacular natural phenomenon earth. The best time to see it is at midnight in midwinter the temperature is 40 degrees below freezing in Alaska! You have be very brave and very warmly dressed.

One unusual place to it is outdoors in the Chena hotsprings in Alaska. Relax in warm waters as you watch the spectacular light display.

Scientists have the number of nights you can see the aurora at different on earth. In Alaska, Greenland and northern Scandinavia you can see on 100 nights each year. In New York, London and Moscow can see it on ten nights each year. In Paris can see it on one night each year on average and Hokkaido in Japan you can see it once every 10 years.


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