Intermediate Stories

borigines have lived in Australia for 40,000 years. They had no writing so they used stories to pass on their history. Story-telling is a very important part of aboriginal culture. One story is about creation.

A long time ago the spirit Guthi Guthi lived in the sky. , . Guthi Guthi looked down and the land was dry and bare. So Guthi Guthi banged on the mountain and split it open. Weowie the water serpent emerged. He travelled over the land making lakes, water holes and seas. When he finished Weowie went back to the mountain and he still lives there today. It is called Mt Minara.

Guthi Guthi wanted more water to come from the north. So she asked Old Pundu the Cod to drag some water from the north. Old Pundu and his little friend Mudlark dragged the water and now the Darling .

Then Guthi Guthi created two tribes of people, the Eaglehawk and the Crow. All aborginal people today come from of people.

This is a story passed on through generations.




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