Lower Intermediate Stories


Interviewer: Aaron, you lived in Colombia for a while. Can you tell us something about it?
Aaron: Yes, Colombia has political problems and people don’t always feel safe there, but it is a beautiful country. There are fantastic rainforests and lots of different species of plants and animals.

Interviewer: What are the people like?
Aaron: They are wonderful. They are very friendly and very helpful. Each region seems to have its own culture and traditions.

Interviewer: What’s the food like?
Aaron: Again, that's different in different regions. For example in the coast region where two seas meet, seafood is very popular. Bolloeyuca is a famous food. In the Andina region people eat frijoles and chicharron.

Interviewer: What's frijoles?
Aaron: It’s a kind of bean dish with onions and garlic. The mashed beans are baked in the oven with cheese. It’s delicious.

Interviewer: Fantastic. Thanks very much Aaron.
Aaron: No problem.

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