Lower Intermediate Stories

Dan: Here’s a quiz. ‘How much do you know about chilli?’ Are ready?
Ellen: Okay, I’m ready.
Dan: Question 1: Where did chillies come from originally?
Ellen: Easy! came from Mexico.
Dan: That’s right. It came from Mexico and Central 9000 years ago.

Dan: Question 2: Who brought chillies to Spain in 1493?
Ellen: I’ll a guess … Christopher Columbus?
Dan: Well done.

Dan: Question 3: What other foods did Columbus bring Mexico to Spain?
Ellen: I have no idea. Um … maybe corn .. or sweet ?
Dan: Well done. Yes, corn, sweet potato and pineapple.

Dan: Question 4: Do chillies make fat?
Ellen: Impossible! The are very hot and you can’t eat many!
Dan: Actually eating makes some people eat more food. They don’t realise their stomach already full!

Dan: And the last question: Are chillies good for athletes?
Ellen: have no idea. I’ll say ‘no.’
Dan: Wrong! A study found that you eat chillies before exercise, you will perform better because you carbohydrates better.


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