Intermediate Stories

You don’t have time to exercise? That’s an excuse that many of us use. Here are some ways that don’t take time and will keep you fit and healthy.

1. Walk up stairs. Often we an escalator or elevator when we could walk up stairs. 5-10 minutes make a big difference.
2. Dance. Close the curtains, lock the door and put on favourite music. Dance around your loungeroom for 5-10 minutes.

3. Interval training. Have you got an bike or a treadmill? Go 1-2 minutes as fast as you can and then 1 minute . Keep this up for 10 minutes and you will feel fantastic.
4. Walk the dog. dog is the world’s best exercise machine. Throw ball or stick and try to beat the dog to it!

5. Loungeroom circuit. Jog the spot and do squats, push-ups and star jumps. Do 1-2 minutes each. Continue until you are puffed. This is a one for rainy days or when you are stuck in a hotel room.

So there are no excuses. You can easily build exercise into your life and it is fun!



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