Elementary Stories

I need a plumber

Mel: Hi, I’ve got a gas leak and I need a plumber.
Plumber: Okay, where is the leak?
Mel: I can smell gas in the cupboard under the stove.
Plumber: Okay, where are you?

Mel: I’m in Greengate. 34 Blicken Street. B-L-I-C-K-E-N
Plumber: And your phone number?
Mel: 5534 3467
Plumber: I’ll get you to turn the gas off. I’ll be there in about an hour.

Mel: Okay, but how do I turn the gas off?
Plumber: There’s a green tap for the gas. Just turn it off.
Mel: That sounds easy. Okay.
Plumber: See you in an hour.
Mel: Okay, see you then.

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