Elementary Stories

Booking a Hotel 1
Bill: Hello, I was wondering if you have any rooms for tonight and tomorrow night.
Receptionist: How many people?
Bill: My wife, our two children and myself.
Receptionist: All we have left is a double. There is a single bed in there. How old are the children?

Bill: The youngest is 2 and Paul is 7.
Receptionist: We can provide a cot for the baby. How does that sound?
Bill: Yes, that sounds alright. How much is the room?
Receptionist: You want it for 2 nights?
Bill: Yes, tonight and tomorrow night.

Receptionist: It’ll be $104. $52 per night.
Bill: That’s fine.
Receptionist: Okay, and what name shall I book it in?
Bill: Jenson.

Receptionist: ... and what time will you be arriving sir?
Bill: Late. Probably around 7pm this evening.
Receptionist: Great. We’ll look forward to seeing you then. Good bye.
Bill: Thanks. Good bye.

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