Elementary Stories


Listen and say if each sentence is true or false.

1. Mr and Mrs Matsumuto lived on a small island in Japan.

2. They had a cat called Miki.

3. One day they couldn't find Miki.

4. Next day Miki came home. He was tired.

5. A few years later Miki disappeared again.

6. Miki started disappearing every morning and coming home wet and tired every night.

7. One day Mr Matsumuto followed Miki.

8. Miki swam across water. It took around three hours.

9. Mr Matsumuto discovered that Miki was going to visit his girlfriend.

10. Miki and Marilyn used to live next door.

11. The Matsumuto family moved, but Miki still wanted to see his girlfriend.

12. Miki became famous.




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