Advanced Stories

Yellow Dust
Before you listen to the story, think about these questions.

1. Have you heard about the yellow dust problem in Korea, China and northern Japan?
2. Look at the picture. What kind of problem do you think yellow dust is?
3. Do you have any air pollution problems in your country?

Now read the sentences below. Listen to the story. Decide if each sentence is true or false.

1. Yellow dust is only a problem in Korea, China and northern Japan.
2. The dust comes from China and Mongolia.
3. The dust can be found across the Pacific Ocean in the USA.
4. The dust produces a lot of ozone.
5. The Korean government issues health warnings when dust levels reach 1,000 micrograms per cubic metre.
6. Ofter there is twice this amount of dust in the air.
7. Some people get breathing and eye problems.
8. Schools are closed because of fire hazard.
9. There is not much effect on farming.
10. Korea, Japan and China are not co-operating to find a solution.






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