Advanced Stories

You will hear a story about a Antonio Stradivari and the violins he made.

Listen and answer the questions below.

1. What moves like candlelight?

2. What do some people believe resulted from a long lost varnish?

3. Where is Dr Henry Grissino-Mayer from?

4. When was the Maunder Minimum?

5. What was the high-point of the little ice-age?

6. Did Antonio Stradivari use wood that grew during the Maunder Minimum?

7. Does the Dr think Antonio Stradivari gets more credit than he deserves?


all he was cracked up to be - as good as his reputation says he was
timbre - the quality of the tones/sound
varnish - like a clear coat of paint
on the line - on the telephone
* NOTE: some of the text has been cut. The speaker talked about the Maunder Minimum earlier, but you didn't hear that part..
ended up in - was used in
unique  - unusual / very special
uh-huh - sound which shows understanding
credit - reward/acknowledgement
he's due - what he deserves
the grey matter between his ears - his brain
more prized - more valuable
awfully - very


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