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The notorious tendency of teenagers to hit the snooze button while sleeping away most of the morning is no cause for alarm. As it turns out adolescent sleep habits (6 words) . New research from the University of Munich shows that children continue to sleep more hours later into the day until around the age of 20, but at this age the body's internal biological clock undergoes an abrupt change (11 words). Scientists pinpointed the age at which this change occurs by plotting the sleeping habits of 25,000 people between the ages of 8 and 90. Then they calculated the mid-point of each person's sleep; the time half way between when the participants reported that (9 words) .

The data showed that men continued to sleep late until the age of 21 while the turning point for women is 19.5 years; which might explain the reason (6 words) . Scientists suggest that because the shfit in sleeping habits after age 20 is so dramatic, they can be used as an official marker for the end of adolescence.


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