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Divorce Rates
Divorce rates are rising in most countries. In Demark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, England, the USA, Canada and Central America divorce rate is around 40 percent and climbing.

In most of these countries divorce rates to increase steeply around 1970 after the introduction of 'no fault' divorce. Previously a partner to prove violence, adultery or drunkeness. But now this is not necessary.

In some there are formulas for deciding the custody of the children and the division of . In other countries there can be vicious legal battles with expensive settlements reached through court system.

Japan's divorce rate is currently around 20 percent and rising.The figures China are rising too. In South America, Italy, Spain and Portugal the divorce rates lower because of the strong influence of the Catholic church. In 1991 divorce was illegal in Chile.

It seems that only Malaysia and Indonesia are defying the trend. rates are falling in both these countries.

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