Advanced Stories

Animals for Entertainment

You are going to hear a story about circus animals.

Read the sentences below. Listen to the story.
Decide if the sentences are true or false. Choose yes or no.


Read the questions and select yes or no.

1. The speaker likes circuses.    yes   no
2. He used to like circuses.    yes   no
3. He thinks life is good for circus animals.    yes   no
4. He thinks we should train wild animals.    yes   no
5. He thinks we don't understand how to train animals.    yes   no
6. He thinks we need to show wild animals who is boss.    yes   no
7. He thinks training wild animals is cruel.    yes   no
8. He thinks routine discipline is important.    yes   no
9. He thinks we should support circuses.    yes   no
10. He thinks we should not support circuses.    yes   no

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