Movie Review
(Intermediate - Advanced)

n this romantic comedy a man named Jonathon (played by John Cusack) and a woman named Sara (played by Kate Beckinsale) meet accidentally and spend a few hours together. Then they lose touch and don’t see each other again.

Several years later they are both engaged to be married to different people. But Jonathon keeps thinking of Sara. He can’t get her out of his mind. He looks for her, but can’t find her. He breaks his engagement off on the morning he is supposed to get married. He can’t marry another woman while he is still thinking of Sara.

At the same time Sara comes to New York to look for Jonathon. She can’t stop thinking about him. When she can’t find him she decides to go back to her fiance and get married.

However, fate intervenes and brings Jonathon and Sara back together again.

The movie doesn’t have any surprises. It follows a formula. But the acting is good and the story is pleasant and leaves us feeling good.

7 out of 10



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