Movie Review
(Intermediate - Advanced)

The Majestic
n Hollywood in 1951 a young screenwriter, Pete Appleton, is accused of being a communist and is blacklisted. He has a car accident and loses his memory. An old man discovers him on the beach and takes him to the doctor in the small local town.

While he is in the town he is recognised as being a young man who went missing 10 years earlier. Soon many of the townspeople recognise him. Pete has no memory of any of this. He begins to accept that he is Luke Trimble, the missing man. He soon moves in with Luke's father who used to run the movie theatre. With the help of the whole town the two of them restore the movie theatre to its former glory.

Luke’s return makes everyone in the town cheerful. They become a happy community.

There are a few more twists in the movie. None of them are particularly surprising, but this is a feel good movie and it works. Jim Carey is wonderful in the role of Pete Appleton/Luke Trimble. Part of the enjoyment of the movie is watching Carey play this role.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10