Movie Review
(Intermediate - Advanced)

Black Knight
artin Lawrence plays Jamal, an amusement park attendant who loves fun and is irresponsible. He always takes the easy path.

He falls into water and is transported back in time to 14th Century England where he is mistaken for a messenger from another country and is welcomed into a castle. The king offers him women and food. It is like heaven for Jamal, but he soon finds that the king is corrupt. King Leo overthrew the queen and took her position.

Jamal makes friends and learns that they plan to overthrow the king. They want Jamal’s help. He soon falls in love with Victoria. She is working against the king. She wants to give the crown back to the true queen.

Jamal decides to help them. He learns about responsibility and working hard to achieve something. When he gets backed to the 21st Century he is a changed man.

The movie has some funny moments.

Rating: 6 out of 10



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